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EDVAR mission statement:

Edvar is a supplier of fine species of freshwater and sea fish. The highest quality is guaranteed thanks to company’s location in Masuria, in the clean fishery of the eastern Polish lakeland, the furthermost eastern regions of the EU, which allowed the company to expand the offer and include fish from crystal clear mountain lakes of Kazakhstan and the far Siberian regions of Russia.

The story of the people of the lakes

Edvar is a processing plant situated in a unique location, among 1000 Masurian lakes. Their natural proximity has ingrained the regional fishing traditions and the respect for natural environment in the people who inhabit this land.

Trade as transparent as water

The Edvar brand is the heir to the history of the inhabitants of Masuria, where traditional recipes and rules of fair fishing trade have been passed on from generation to generation. The fisheries are selected on the basis of strict criteria of water purity. The basic product range offers freshwater fish from the home Masuria, located in Poland, and the pure, mountain regions of Kazakhstan. The offer also includes high-quality choice sea fish from the cold waters of the north Atlantic.

Pike perch – a return to the source

The best product offered by the Edvar brand is the delicate meat of pike perch fillets (Sander lucioperca). The history of this species of fish leads to the home waters of Masuria, from the far-away eastern regions of tsarist Russia. It is to this original course of time and culture that the Edvar brand owes its unique quality and fine flavour of pike perch fillets.

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